LahLah x Pixie Mood Accessories

Not to long ago this lovely brand reached out to me to do a collaboration, and guess what…HERE IT IS!

Pixie Mood is a cruelty-free & vegan-friendly bag and accessories company who truly makes such wonderful products!

Earlier this summer Pixie Mood asked me to style and photograph a few outfits for their upcoming Fall 2017 Collection and I finally get to share some of my personal favourites from the collab with you guys. I encourage you to check out their website, as well as the new collection coming this fall, because you will fall IN LOVE!!!

Alicia Tote in Forest Green
Alicia Tote Paired Side Bag 
Geneva Work Bag 2
Geneva Work Bag in Ash Plum

The Canadian company based out of the GTA, has created; smart, unique and stylish accessories with great quality and awesome designs. Cofounded by Chloe and Kelvin;(whom, after some digging, I found out graduated from the Ryerson, Business Management program. WOOHOO!), are the great minds behind the company and they definitely seem to be continuously growing and flourishing their brand.

Jasmine Bag in Ruby Red
Rachel Large Tote (Ombre Black) 1
Rachel Large Tote Bag in Ombre Metal Black
Rachel Large Tote (Ombre Black) 2
Rachel Large Tote Bag in Ombre Metal Black

And my personal favourite: The Kim Convertible Backpack, which doubles as a side bag with a unique shoulder strap feature…

Kim Convertible Backpack

The styling was very simple for this collab, to keep from drawing away from the main focus of the photos, the bags. I made sure to incorporate neutrals and some fall inspired colours, like the maroon knit sweater; that would compliment the tones used in the products.

Styling x Kaylah Wilson

Photography x Kaylah Wilson

Bags x  Pixie Mood|@pixiemood

If you’d like to read more about the brand and it’s founders click here!

Special thank you to Chloe for reaching out and the Pixie Mood team for creating such a great collab experience and some kick ass accessories! xx

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– lahlah xx


LahLah x Jordan Mckeown: Golden Hour

Earlier this summer I did a lovely collab with Jordan Mckeown; a Photographer from Toronto, for her photography series called: A Summer to Remember. I was able to help come up with the ideal summer photoshoot concept and style my own outfit, and just let Jordan bring it to life.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.05.54 AM.png
Jordan Mckeown

Her photography is light, airy, effortless and quite literally, makes me feel like i’m apart of something magical. Here’s just a couple of my faves she has shot (featuring my muse and friend @thatgirlnamedtiff on the right)💓:



But without further ado!

Lahlah x Jordan Mckeown: Golden Hour

Kaylah (1 of 1)-2

Kaylah (1 of 1)-3

Kaylah (3 of 3)

Kaylah (1 of 8)

Kaylah (4 of 8)

Kaylah (2 of 3)


Bathing Suit used as body suit: H&M, White long sleeved mesh top: Aritzia, Vintage stripped overalls: Black Market Toronto


Styled x By Kaylah Wilson (@_ksyd)

Photography x By Jordan Mckeown (@jordanmckeown)

Assist x By Lovely Muma Mckeown

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– lahlah xx

Think Piece: My Mental Health and Fashion


Aside from finishing up my second year at Ryerson University in Toronto, I’ve also acquired a second job, have been taking a course over the summer to fully catch up for my third year of schooling and as happy and excited as I was for the summer, it actually came with a lot of STRESSES.

Without getting too much into it, for me, living away from home at the age of 19; working two jobs, taking a summer course online and trying to have A LIFE is a lot. I seem to be managing it pretty well according to those around me, but it has taken away from the things that give me creative inspiration and has taken up quite a lot of my time as well. If i’m not doing one of the many commitments I have, I am either sleeping, eating or laying in bed out of exhaustion and on the rare occasion, hanging out with my friends/family when our schedules match up.

My love for putting together an outfit and dressing myself in the morning is still prevalent but I have noticed that the motivation to be creative with just that, has faded since the beginning of summer. I’ve been lazy with my clothes and at a creative loss for my work. I haven’t been reading fashion articles or looking at moodboards for shoots. I haven’t been reading leisurely for myself; and haven’t been treating my body like the 11/10 powerhouse it is. Overall my mental health has been getting worse. Im still so happy for everything I have and I know I can manage the busy schedule, but with this lowered mental state, I’ve been distancing myself from things that I love, such as this blog & fashion.

I recently read an Article in Ryerson’s Folio Magazine: Issue 5, Titled: A Portrait of Post-Secondary Mental Health by Ebony-Renee Baker. They went into depth about mental health on campus for current students and alumni, and outlined how difficult it can be to maintain positive mental health while being in a post-secondary environment, on top of anything else that could be pressing on the back of a 18 to 25-year-olds mind. The article spoke about the bad and the good experiences of support for mental health on campus and it got me thinking about what I’m doing to support my own mental health.


I am acknowledging the lack of support I am getting for my own mental health (other than that of my lovely friends through ranting and wine), so how can I turn this around to get what I need in order to make everything a little better?

I decided to look into my schools mental health programs, because if I can get free personal/career/education related counselling, why not, right? Although majority of the events and the counselling programs are offered during the school year I realized that so much is offered to me, that I’m not taking advantage of. By simply spending a few minutes online, I was able to find so much about my schools mental health programs and I highly suggest anyone in a post-secondary institution do the same!


Seeing as it is still summer and the programs aren’t running, what do I do?!?!

I’ve decided that as much as money is necessary and school is important, I need to make more time for the things that will relieve stress in my life and also the things that will actually bring me joy!


  1. With a sudden opportunity in one of my jobs I’ll be able to work more at one with fixed hours and less at the other (the fixed hours make it so much easier to plan my life)
  2. Setting aside specific times in my day to work on school and really sticking to them!!!
  3. Going to the gym more often to get those ENDORPHINS pumpin’
  4. Making sure every week I do something leisurely to relax my mind and to make headway with my interests in fashion
  5. SLEEEEEP!!! ZZZzzzzzz (because I am definetly not getting enough now)

Five ‘easy‘ things that I plan on doing for the rest of the summer and hopefully into the rest of the year! It’s wild how simple these seem compared to how hard I know they are actually going to be to implement! But my mental state has been affecting my hobbies, my relationships and most importantly my motivation. As a result of that, I think it is really important to keep my mind healthy in order to stay motivated, and how i’m choosing to do that is specific to what I know about my mind and body.

As a young creative in Toronto dealing with school, work and my personal life, as well as the hard truth of rent and living expenses, it is tough to stay motivated. Im sure any creative you talk to can tell you about times when they just weren’t up for working on the things that they love. It is really so important to keep in mind that everything you do is for your own progress moving forward in your field, so although staying motivated can be hard, letting yourself sit for too long in a creative lul, is only hurting you.

All the lovely creatives out there, here’s a little reminder to take care of your mental health and keep coming up with new ways to do what you do! xx

Hopefully my five step summer list will help me get back into my blogging groove and you will all hear from me soon!

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Shoot 3 of this amazing project has brought me to a whole new level!

I was inspired by the colours Red, Yellow, Black and White, the brightness and contrast was what drove my entire mood board. I quickly knew that I wanted to style something comfortable that had layers and something that could easily be worn in a casual or professional setting.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 5.02.15 PM.png



Different from my other shoots I styled two outfits that followed the same theme but played on different aspects of my taste in fashion. There are always two or more ways to do something, and thats comforting to me because that only means there is so much to be done. When I started thinking about this shoot these two different but similar looks came into my mind and I just figured I’d do them both.

Look 1 (on the left of photoset), was an outfit that if you wore down the street people might do a double take. A bright red turtle neck under a white hoodie, paired with yellow side-stripped pants and shiny loafers.

There a pieces in my wardrobe that make people look twice and wonder if I intended to be starred at today? It’s those pieces that I love the most.





White Hoodie: Stylist (Kaylah), Red Turtle Neck: Stylist (Kaylah), Yellow Sidestrip Pants: Zara, Dress shoes: Model (Jessica)

Look 2 (on the right of photoset) featured a more everyday outfit. A shiny black bomber paired with sneakers and some subtle colours underneath. Connecting the colour theme through the eye makeup was the perfect way to bring in the red.





White Turtle Neck: Aritzia, Yellow Cropped Long Sleeve: Brandy Melville, Shiny Black Bomber: H&M, Black Dress Pants: Top Shop, Reebok Sneaker: Model (Jessica)

Styling x ByLahlah (@_ksyd)

Photography x ByPam Lau (@pamelaloud)

Modelled x ByJessica Bentu (@jessicabentu)

Makeup x ByNabar Badr (@nabrabadr)

On set assist x ByTiffany Turchyn (@thatgirlnamedtiff).

Special thanks to this great team!

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– lahlah xx


HELLO! HELLO! January is here!

A new year, new adventures and some exciting things are happening!

Early in the 2016/17 school year, I applied for a spring internship with this super #RAD group called CollegeFashionista! In November (3 days after my birthday), I got an email saying “CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve been chosen to join our #RAD team!”

Who is CFashionista?

“CollegeFashionista is a community of college students dedicated to preparing for their future careers and reporting the latest trends on campuses all over the world.”

– CFashionista team

What does this mean?

Photo by College Fashionista

This semester, I will be writing articles for CFashionista each month, sharing my personal style and the style on campus at Ryerson University as a ‘Style Guru Intern’. Not just that, but they provide many opportunities for their interns to learn more about the industry, build their brand and meet some cool new people!!

The experience I will gain from balancing all my responsibilities, will be hard but very necessary to my growth as a student and young adult, pursuing my career. Im so excited for all that I have to offer in these next few months and I hope you all are too!

Make sure to keep up with my new journey as well as my ongoing projects here, on lahlahsocial, on instagram; here xx and on the CFashionista website, here!

Check out CollegeFashionista to learn more about this #RAD team I am joining and follow my semester with them!


Find CollegeFashionista online & on instagram @cfashionista

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– lahlah xx

(Featured image from the @cfashionista instagram, source: styleguru @withlovethelms)

Happy LahLahversary!!

365 DAYS! 52 WEEKS! 12 months! Happy 1 year anniversary to LahLah Social!

It’s crazy to think that it has been a year already, with all of the love and support of my friends, family and loving visitors, LahLah Social has reached over 2000 views in 43 different countries. I have 13 articles, 14 OOTDs, 20 followers and with the beginnings of my ‘Styled x ByLahLah‘ series and ‘LahLah’s closet‘ page, I feel so accomplished in how far this blog has come.

I started this as a random fun way to let out my ideas, opinions and share my fashion with you guys and it as become such an important part of my life! I can only strive for it to continue to grow and for my skills as a writer/blogger/stylist/artist/creative mind to continue growing with it!

THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of this first year with me, and here is to many more!!!

Here’s a recap video (sorry about my terrible video editing skills), I made of this past year of LahLah events in 2015/2016…… take a look!


See you soon

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– lahlah xx

Mellow Yellow


I wake up, 7:30 am, everything was packed the night before. I get dressed, make some hot chocolate, saddle up and head for the bus that will take me downtown to start the day. I get to Union Station at 9am, enough time to run to staples, buy a memory card for the camera and buy myself a coffee with some timbits for the squad!

10am rolls around and as i’m prepping for hair and makeup my lovely friend (and model for my shoot), Tiffany, walks through the door. We get right to it, making sure the shoes I brought fit, decide the jewelry, and get started on makeup.

Seeing as I am not a makeup artist, nor a hairstylist, I was pretty happy about how perfect everything turned out. My friend Sabrina came to help out with a few on set tasks (and also take some cool behind the scenes photos for my IG of course).

Thanks Tiffany & Sabrina.

So without further ado Styled x ByLahlah, Shoot 1, Mellow Yellow.


The idea for this shoot came about as I rode the 510 Spadina streetcar up to work… I passed by this community of brightly coloured shipping containers that housed small stores inside them. Unfortunately on all my trips, I never saw the stores open. They were so vibrant and bold, I fell in love.

As summer was fading away so was this magical little corner of the world. I thought, how great would it be to just have a photoshoot there with bright colours on a sunny day, as a “last hurrah!” before the fall and winter closed in.


I chose to focus on yellow and blue. Using mostly the blue shipping container for my photos, but also showcased the pink, in order to give you an idea of how lively this small part of my world is.


Special thanks to all my lovely friends who encouraged and supported my beginning this project!

Styled x by Lahlah

Modelled x by Tiffany Turchyn

On set assist x by Sabrina Yussuf

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– lahlah xx

Styled x ByLahlah

A new school year begins and so, a new chapter in my life!

The first month of school is done and I am seriously starting to consider my future, where I want to go in my career and in my life. As my ever fluid career path once again makes a turn, I’m now delving into the world of styling! I realized that putting clothes on yourself is something that most people can do, but to be able to dress other people in a way that conveys something, or represents something is a gift. To even embody the wearer as a work of art or a unique individual is something that, to me, would be a pleasure.

And so, I’m going to start a new series called “Styled x ByLahlah” .

My hope is to work with other creatives and make something that can, each time, represent someone different and showcase every style, in a unique way that I will be able to call my own.

My first project under Styled x ByLahlah is simply a colour story. As we end summer and slide into fall, I want to remember the bright and shiny feeling of the sun and the water. Through blues, yellows, whites, silvers and maybe a pop of pink.

Just to give you a taste, here’s a moodboard I created for my first ever shoot.

Styling Shoot Moodboard 1.jpg

Keep updated by checking my Styled x ByLahlah tab at the top of the page!

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Stay tuned for more!!

-lahlah xx

Fashion at TIFF 2016


SO bear with me as I give you some background and insight to my experience at TIFF 2016! HERE WE GO!

As a lot of people interested in the fashion, media and arts industry know, the Toronto International Film Festival, (TIFF) kicked off September 8th. The 11-day long film festival attracts aspiring; actors/actresses, film critics, directors and producers alike from around the GTA and globally as well, there is undeniably nothing quite like TIFF!

Our neighbouring TV and Film industry dominators, The United States, even pay their respects as Canada’s love and support of; major motion pictures, foreign films, local productions, short films, documentary, biopics etc. reaches enormous lengths. Last year in 2015 with more than 500,000 moviegoers, 399 films presented and over 70 countries contributing to the vast array of films, there was no lack of representation. Famous actors, directors, artist and personnel from around the globe gather here in Toronto to watch (with us regular folk) magic unfold onscreen, in front of thousands of people.

Now, as much as I love the art of film, lets talk about the art of fashion.

This year, 2016, was my first experience at the Toronto International Film festival. After a failed attempt to get rush tickets in 2015 with one of my best friends, we both agreed that we would wake up at 8:45 September 4th and join in the race to get the films and times we wantef for this year. After the fuss of the website crashing and a short period of panic, we were able to get a matinee world premiere screening to Garth Davis’ ‘Lion‘ on Sunday 11th and Terry George’s ‘The Promise‘ on Friday 16th.

After this, my only thought was…THE OUTFIT. My first TIFF film was going to be a matinee!??! Immediately all that came to mind was; “I need to look cute, be comfortable and find a happy median between casual and fancy”. Ultimately after throwing half my closet onto my bed, a lot of song and dance and trying on different garments, I came to an outfit choice.

TIFF Outfit: Sunday 11th for ‘Lion’

Since I was not walking the red carpet, I didn’t need a stunning gown or tux but one of the best parts of TIFF (aside from the films of course) is the fashion of the stars that attend the events, conferences and films themselves. Actors like Lupita Nyong’o, Rooney Mara, Priyanka Bose, Michael Fassbender and Brie Larson were some of the ones that caught my eye.

Both Rooney Mara and Priyanka Bose star in the first film I saw, Lion, which follows the life and journey of a 5 year old boy from India named, Saroo Brierley. He looses his family and 25 years later after being adopted into an Aussie home, attempts to find them using GoogleEarth. Both actors came to the red carpet in unique stunning dresses. Rooney Mara who has been taking to awards and red carpet events with a very well refined style, did it again with a structured, symmetrical a-line red dress by designer Yacine Aouadi. She came back for the Lion press conference rocking a blouse and pant combination that I am absolutely in love with.

This is what I enjoy about fashion, the ability to express your tastes and personality through your clothing. Fittingly, Lupita Nyong’o who is uniquely herself, walked down the red carpet wearing a blue and yellow Carolina Herrera dress with a matching blue head wrap (taking my breath away as usual). There in support of her film Queen of Katwe, which follows a young girl from Uganda who discovers her passion for chess and works towards her success, in which, Lupita plays the lead role. Our beloved Michael Fassbender, ‘Magneto’, took to the red carpet in an all blue Gucci tux and also hosted the TIFF soirée. What can I say, I love me a Michael Fassbender in a stand-out blue suit!


I cant see this dynamic-duo rocking the carpet without thinking of their stunning and powerful performances from the 2013 TIFF presented film 12 Years A Slave. TIFF works to introduce new actors such as Lupita who are unapologetically sincere to who they are in so many ways. So, I would say that they are doing a pretty good job at exposing the world to new talents and possibly even new interests.

If you haven’t yet seen one of the past TIFF films or attend one of the screenings, I suggest you do so! Join in the experience of the  Toronto International Film Festival and all it has to offer!

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– lahlah xx


TIFF stats from: TheTorontoSun (compiled by TorontoInternationalFilm Festival)

Film descriptions found at: TIFF Website

Photos from: Google Images!

* I do not own the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) logo*

Pastels: The Gender Neutral Aesthetic of Summer!


Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and of course Pink.

Whether it be your clothes, your hair or the actual setting around you, pastels are definitely a huge trend across all demographics this summer!! With just a short scroll down your Instagram explore page, I’m sure you will come across a multitude of pastel frenzied photos!

Im not sure about all of you, but something about the light and airy colours bring life and happiness into my day! What makes it even better is that this ‘Summer Sixteen’ trend is not gender exclusive to only women, seeing as there might be a preconceived perception that only women wear pastels. This previously female dominated colour palette is instead being shared, anyone and everyone of all genders and sexualities are taking part in the many opportunities that come with this light coloured aesthetic and using it to create an array of lightly coloured magic on my Instagram feed.

The most popular colour seems to be Pink, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about heres a look at some of the lovely pastel coloured people I follow on IG!

Photo taken from and modelled by Joel (@LZDO.JPG) // Photographed by Kristine Feliciano (@k.fel)

Now, this isn’t just an Instagram trend, model Kendall Jenner along with many other celebrities such as, colour queen Solange Knowles, have been rockin’ the pastels. Also, although The Oscars have proven to be problematic with the lack of cultural representation in their awards (#BoycottTheOscars), as a fashion enthusiast I had to see the red carpet looks. I managed to catch some of them afterwards and my was there quite a presence of pastels among the many gorgeous gowns that night. Gowns from designers such as Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Mario Prada and Naeem Khan where a few of the ones that caught my eye.

In my opinion, this summer’s trend is quite empowering.

For one, the light colours themselves lift my spirits, but there is also a sense of joy that emanates from a person who has the freedom to express themselves through whichever colour garment of clothing they choose. Without the systematic ideals of what should and shouldn’t be worn by one particular individual it allows everyone to feel comfortable with who they are, in what they wear and maybe even exude a sense of confidence every once in awhile! (YAY for confidence)

I love this summer’s aesthetic and I hope you do too! Enjoy some more of the cool pastel coloured people I follow on IG!

FullSizeRender 2
Photo taken from and photographed by Tristan (@tcspades) // Model Jalen Nelson (@_lickmyfashion_)
Photo taken from @hayleyelsaesser // Model (left) @blousesandhouses & (right) @randomactsofpastel











Featured image photo taken from and modelled by Joel (@LZDO.JPG) // Photographed by Monica Thi (@monica.thi)

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