LahLah x Pixie Mood Accessories

Not to long ago this lovely brand reached out to me to do a collaboration, and guess what…HERE IT IS!

Pixie Mood is a cruelty-free & vegan-friendly bag and accessories company who truly makes such wonderful products!

Earlier this summer Pixie Mood asked me to style and photograph a few outfits for their upcoming Fall 2017 Collection and I finally get to share some of my personal favourites from the collab with you guys. I encourage you to check out their website, as well as the new collection coming this fall, because you will fall IN LOVE!!!

Alicia Tote in Forest Green
Alicia Tote Paired Side Bag 
Geneva Work Bag 2
Geneva Work Bag in Ash Plum

The Canadian company based out of the GTA, has created; smart, unique and stylish accessories with great quality and awesome designs. Cofounded by Chloe and Kelvin;(whom, after some digging, I found out graduated from the Ryerson, Business Management program. WOOHOO!), are the great minds behind the company and they definitely seem to be continuously growing and flourishing their brand.

Jasmine Bag in Ruby Red
Rachel Large Tote (Ombre Black) 1
Rachel Large Tote Bag in Ombre Metal Black
Rachel Large Tote (Ombre Black) 2
Rachel Large Tote Bag in Ombre Metal Black

And my personal favourite: The Kim Convertible Backpack, which doubles as a side bag with a unique shoulder strap feature…

Kim Convertible Backpack

The styling was very simple for this collab, to keep from drawing away from the main focus of the photos, the bags. I made sure to incorporate neutrals and some fall inspired colours, like the maroon knit sweater; that would compliment the tones used in the products.

Styling x Kaylah Wilson

Photography x Kaylah Wilson

Bags x  Pixie Mood|@pixiemood

If you’d like to read more about the brand and it’s founders click here!

Special thank you to Chloe for reaching out and the Pixie Mood team for creating such a great collab experience and some kick ass accessories! xx

Find me on Instagram @_ksyd

– lahlah xx


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