Think Piece: My Mental Health and Fashion


Aside from finishing up my second year at Ryerson University in Toronto, I’ve also acquired a second job, have been taking a course over the summer to fully catch up for my third year of schooling and as happy and excited as I was for the summer, it actually came with a lot of STRESSES.

Without getting too much into it, for me, living away from home at the age of 19; working two jobs, taking a summer course online and trying to have A LIFE is a lot. I seem to be managing it pretty well according to those around me, but it has taken away from the things that give me creative inspiration and has taken up quite a lot of my time as well. If i’m not doing one of the many commitments I have, I am either sleeping, eating or laying in bed out of exhaustion and on the rare occasion, hanging out with my friends/family when our schedules match up.

My love for putting together an outfit and dressing myself in the morning is still prevalent but I have noticed that the motivation to be creative with just that, has faded since the beginning of summer. I’ve been lazy with my clothes and at a creative loss for my work. I haven’t been reading fashion articles or looking at moodboards for shoots. I haven’t been reading leisurely for myself; and haven’t been treating my body like the 11/10 powerhouse it is. Overall my mental health has been getting worse. Im still so happy for everything I have and I know I can manage the busy schedule, but with this lowered mental state, I’ve been distancing myself from things that I love, such as this blog & fashion.

I recently read an Article in Ryerson’s Folio Magazine: Issue 5, Titled: A Portrait of Post-Secondary Mental Health by Ebony-Renee Baker. They went into depth about mental health on campus for current students and alumni, and outlined how difficult it can be to maintain positive mental health while being in a post-secondary environment, on top of anything else that could be pressing on the back of a 18 to 25-year-olds mind. The article spoke about the bad and the good experiences of support for mental health on campus and it got me thinking about what I’m doing to support my own mental health.


I am acknowledging the lack of support I am getting for my own mental health (other than that of my lovely friends through ranting and wine), so how can I turn this around to get what I need in order to make everything a little better?

I decided to look into my schools mental health programs, because if I can get free personal/career/education related counselling, why not, right? Although majority of the events and the counselling programs are offered during the school year I realized that so much is offered to me, that I’m not taking advantage of. By simply spending a few minutes online, I was able to find so much about my schools mental health programs and I highly suggest anyone in a post-secondary institution do the same!


Seeing as it is still summer and the programs aren’t running, what do I do?!?!

I’ve decided that as much as money is necessary and school is important, I need to make more time for the things that will relieve stress in my life and also the things that will actually bring me joy!


  1. With a sudden opportunity in one of my jobs I’ll be able to work more at one with fixed hours and less at the other (the fixed hours make it so much easier to plan my life)
  2. Setting aside specific times in my day to work on school and really sticking to them!!!
  3. Going to the gym more often to get those ENDORPHINS pumpin’
  4. Making sure every week I do something leisurely to relax my mind and to make headway with my interests in fashion
  5. SLEEEEEP!!! ZZZzzzzzz (because I am definetly not getting enough now)

Five ‘easy‘ things that I plan on doing for the rest of the summer and hopefully into the rest of the year! It’s wild how simple these seem compared to how hard I know they are actually going to be to implement! But my mental state has been affecting my hobbies, my relationships and most importantly my motivation. As a result of that, I think it is really important to keep my mind healthy in order to stay motivated, and how i’m choosing to do that is specific to what I know about my mind and body.

As a young creative in Toronto dealing with school, work and my personal life, as well as the hard truth of rent and living expenses, it is tough to stay motivated. Im sure any creative you talk to can tell you about times when they just weren’t up for working on the things that they love. It is really so important to keep in mind that everything you do is for your own progress moving forward in your field, so although staying motivated can be hard, letting yourself sit for too long in a creative lul, is only hurting you.

All the lovely creatives out there, here’s a little reminder to take care of your mental health and keep coming up with new ways to do what you do! xx

Hopefully my five step summer list will help me get back into my blogging groove and you will all hear from me soon!

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– lahlah xx

2 thoughts on “Think Piece: My Mental Health and Fashion

  1. addie north

    I’m so glad you’re putting effort into taking care of yourself! You’re being pulled in so many different directions, and it’s easy to get burned out when your life is a juggling act! I’m wishing you luck with your five goals, and with your creative work! ❤

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