Shoot 3 of this amazing project has brought me to a whole new level!

I was inspired by the colours Red, Yellow, Black and White, the brightness and contrast was what drove my entire mood board. I quickly knew that I wanted to style something comfortable that had layers and something that could easily be worn in a casual or professional setting.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 5.02.15 PM.png



Different from my other shoots I styled two outfits that followed the same theme but played on different aspects of my taste in fashion. There are always two or more ways to do something, and thats comforting to me because that only means there is so much to be done. When I started thinking about this shoot these two different but similar looks came into my mind and I just figured I’d do them both.

Look 1 (on the left of photoset), was an outfit that if you wore down the street people might do a double take. A bright red turtle neck under a white hoodie, paired with yellow side-stripped pants and shiny loafers.

There a pieces in my wardrobe that make people look twice and wonder if I intended to be starred at today? It’s those pieces that I love the most.





White Hoodie: Stylist (Kaylah), Red Turtle Neck: Stylist (Kaylah), Yellow Sidestrip Pants: Zara, Dress shoes: Model (Jessica)

Look 2 (on the right of photoset) featured a more everyday outfit. A shiny black bomber paired with sneakers and some subtle colours underneath. Connecting the colour theme through the eye makeup was the perfect way to bring in the red.





White Turtle Neck: Aritzia, Yellow Cropped Long Sleeve: Brandy Melville, Shiny Black Bomber: H&M, Black Dress Pants: Top Shop, Reebok Sneaker: Model (Jessica)

Styling x ByLahlah (@_ksyd)

Photography x ByPam Lau (@pamelaloud)

Modelled x ByJessica Bentu (@jessicabentu)

Makeup x ByNabar Badr (@nabrabadr)

On set assist x ByTiffany Turchyn (@thatgirlnamedtiff).

Special thanks to this great team!

Find me on Instagram @_ksyd and on  the College Fashionista website HERExx

– lahlah xx

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