HELLO! HELLO! January is here!

A new year, new adventures and some exciting things are happening!

Early in the 2016/17 school year, I applied for a spring internship with this super #RAD group called CollegeFashionista! In November (3 days after my birthday), I got an email saying “CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve been chosen to join our #RAD team!”

Who is CFashionista?

“CollegeFashionista is a community of college students dedicated to preparing for their future careers and reporting the latest trends on campuses all over the world.”

– CFashionista team

What does this mean?

Photo by College Fashionista

This semester, I will be writing articles for CFashionista each month, sharing my personal style and the style on campus at Ryerson University as a ‘Style Guru Intern’. Not just that, but they provide many opportunities for their interns to learn more about the industry, build their brand and meet some cool new people!!

The experience I will gain from balancing all my responsibilities, will be hard but very necessary to my growth as a student and young adult, pursuing my career. Im so excited for all that I have to offer in these next few months and I hope you all are too!

Make sure to keep up with my new journey as well as my ongoing projects here, on lahlahsocial, on instagram; here xx and on the CFashionista website, here!

Check out CollegeFashionista to learn more about this #RAD team I am joining and follow my semester with them!


Find CollegeFashionista online & on instagram @cfashionista

Find me on instagram @_ksyd & on the CF website 

– lahlah xx

(Featured image from the @cfashionista instagram, source: styleguru @withlovethelms)

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