Mellow Yellow


I wake up, 7:30 am, everything was packed the night before. I get dressed, make some hot chocolate, saddle up and head for the bus that will take me downtown to start the day. I get to Union Station at 9am, enough time to run to staples, buy a memory card for the camera and buy myself a coffee with some timbits for the squad!

10am rolls around and as i’m prepping for hair and makeup my lovely friend (and model for my shoot), Tiffany, walks through the door. We get right to it, making sure the shoes I brought fit, decide the jewelry, and get started on makeup.

Seeing as I am not a makeup artist, nor a hairstylist, I was pretty happy about how perfect everything turned out. My friend Sabrina came to help out with a few on set tasks (and also take some cool behind the scenes photos for my IG of course).

Thanks Tiffany & Sabrina.

So without further ado Styled x ByLahlah, Shoot 1, Mellow Yellow.


The idea for this shoot came about as I rode the 510 Spadina streetcar up to work… I passed by this community of brightly coloured shipping containers that housed small stores inside them. Unfortunately on all my trips, I never saw the stores open. They were so vibrant and bold, I fell in love.

As summer was fading away so was this magical little corner of the world. I thought, how great would it be to just have a photoshoot there with bright colours on a sunny day, as a “last hurrah!” before the fall and winter closed in.


I chose to focus on yellow and blue. Using mostly the blue shipping container for my photos, but also showcased the pink, in order to give you an idea of how lively this small part of my world is.


Special thanks to all my lovely friends who encouraged and supported my beginning this project!

Styled x by Lahlah

Modelled x by Tiffany Turchyn

On set assist x by Sabrina Yussuf

Find me on instagram @_ksyd

Find Tiffany on instagram @thatgirlnamedtiff

– lahlah xx

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