Styled x ByLahlah

A new school year begins and so, a new chapter in my life!

The first month of school is done and I am seriously starting to consider my future, where I want to go in my career and in my life. As my ever fluid career path once again makes a turn, I’m now delving into the world of styling! I realized that putting clothes on yourself is something that most people can do, but to be able to dress other people in a way that conveys something, or represents something is a gift. To even embody the wearer as a work of art or a unique individual is something that, to me, would be a pleasure.

And so, I’m going to start a new series called “Styled x ByLahlah” .

My hope is to work with other creatives and make something that can, each time, represent someone different and showcase every style, in a unique way that I will be able to call my own.

My first project under Styled x ByLahlah is simply a colour story. As we end summer and slide into fall, I want to remember the bright and shiny feeling of the sun and the water. Through blues, yellows, whites, silvers and maybe a pop of pink.

Just to give you a taste, here’s a moodboard I created for my first ever shoot.

Styling Shoot Moodboard 1.jpg

Keep updated by checking my Styled x ByLahlah tab at the top of the page!

Find me on instagram @_ksyd

Stay tuned for more!!

-lahlah xx

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