Pastels: The Gender Neutral Aesthetic of Summer!


Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and of course Pink.

Whether it be your clothes, your hair or the actual setting around you, pastels are definitely a huge trend across all demographics this summer!! With just a short scroll down your Instagram explore page, I’m sure you will come across a multitude of pastel frenzied photos!

Im not sure about all of you, but something about the light and airy colours bring life and happiness into my day! What makes it even better is that this ‘Summer Sixteen’ trend is not gender exclusive to only women, seeing as there might be a preconceived perception that only women wear pastels. This previously female dominated colour palette is instead being shared, anyone and everyone of all genders and sexualities are taking part in the many opportunities that come with this light coloured aesthetic and using it to create an array of lightly coloured magic on my Instagram feed.

The most popular colour seems to be Pink, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about heres a look at some of the lovely pastel coloured people I follow on IG!

Photo taken from and modelled by Joel (@LZDO.JPG) // Photographed by Kristine Feliciano (@k.fel)

Now, this isn’t just an Instagram trend, model Kendall Jenner along with many other celebrities such as, colour queen Solange Knowles, have been rockin’ the pastels. Also, although The Oscars have proven to be problematic with the lack of cultural representation in their awards (#BoycottTheOscars), as a fashion enthusiast I had to see the red carpet looks. I managed to catch some of them afterwards and my was there quite a presence of pastels among the many gorgeous gowns that night. Gowns from designers such as Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Mario Prada and Naeem Khan where a few of the ones that caught my eye.

In my opinion, this summer’s trend is quite empowering.

For one, the light colours themselves lift my spirits, but there is also a sense of joy that emanates from a person who has the freedom to express themselves through whichever colour garment of clothing they choose. Without the systematic ideals of what should and shouldn’t be worn by one particular individual it allows everyone to feel comfortable with who they are, in what they wear and maybe even exude a sense of confidence every once in awhile! (YAY for confidence)

I love this summer’s aesthetic and I hope you do too! Enjoy some more of the cool pastel coloured people I follow on IG!

FullSizeRender 2
Photo taken from and photographed by Tristan (@tcspades) // Model Jalen Nelson (@_lickmyfashion_)
Photo taken from @hayleyelsaesser // Model (left) @blousesandhouses & (right) @randomactsofpastel











Featured image photo taken from and modelled by Joel (@LZDO.JPG) // Photographed by Monica Thi (@monica.thi)

Find me on instagram and share your pastels with me by tagging my handle @_ksyd

– lahlah xx

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