Thrift Shop Your Way to The Top


It never occurred to me that I was “thrift shopping” till I was in about the 10th grade.

I personally did not see the need in paying super high prices for a small piece of fabric or a simple designed shirt. I was also not in a position to be buying the brand name clothes all my friends bought at the time. As a result of this (and my moms keen talent at finding good deals, that was evidently passed down to me), I naturally became a “thrift shopper”.

Thrifting does not only entail buying clothes at a ‘thrift store’ but recycling and reusing clothes wherever possible. Whether that be from a garage sale, your friends storage bin of clothes they never wear or the back of your parents closets!

It’s strange how at a point in time people were looked down on for reusing clothing.

“Where’d you get that sweater?” 

“It was my sisters” 

“OH…okk, that makes sense it looks kind of big on you…”

That was an actual conversation 13 year old me had with someone at my middle school and the interesting thing was that it wasn’t necessarily a negative response, but I thought to myself…”Am I not supposed to take my siblings clothing? Can I not wear slightly large sweaters? I have to go shopping and get a new sweater!” From out of nowhere I was questioning what I could and could not do or wear, in order to please other people. Fortunately, I quickly grew into my own and gladly wore and purchased whatever I liked and thought complemented my mood for that given day. Now, ‘thrifting’ is not just socially acceptable, but it is a culture!

Places that specifically recycle used clothing are popping up all over the GTA and as great as this for the everyday shopper who wants to save a few bucks, this actually benefits everyone. Lower income households who either cant afford to buy the latest and greatest fashions as soon as they come out, are able to get some super great clothes at a way cheaper price. People who have clothing they no longer wear or have grown out of have somewhere to send their clothes to and it will actually be of use to someone else!

Ultimately, my lovely readers, wear the title of ‘thrift shopper’ loud and proud and keep in mind the other lovely people around you! Go through your closet every once in awhile and make a bag that you can drop off at a secondhand shop. If you’re not using it, someone else probably could!


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-lahlah xx


4 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Your Way to The Top

  1. thriftingwithmeblog

    Ohhh, yeah, I feel the same way! Now I’m obsessed with thrifting.
    p.s. GIRRL you are soo pretty!

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