LahLah Takes Toronto Fashion Week

Hello to my lovely readers!!

If you are unaware this week has been a wide array of colours, styles and personalities as Toronto Fashion Week has attracted all the fashionistas out to the streets! It has been taking place at David Pecaut Square where Designers like Michael Kale, Sid Neigum and brands such as UNTTLD, Narces and Mackage featured in the first few days of this phenomenal week for fashion, in Toronto.

As a result of the buzz I could not resist swinging by the site to admire all the looks and of course show off my own! This was my first experience in the fashion week setting and it was a little bit insane in the best way possible. The atmosphere was sophisticated, confident but also a cluster of appreciative and creative individuals. There were so many different styles and obvious inspirations screaming from some of the attendees outfits.

Before the shows began, outside of the fashion week tent photographers, bloggers and media were buzzing all around! As a result of their large presence I am ecstatic, privileged and overwhelmed to say that photos of my outfit as well as a few of my friends have been featured on 4+ websites for TFW street style! Some of these websites being, The Individualist, The Kit, and Toronto Life! Check them out on my ‘Features’ tab

With all these wonderful collections its hard to pick a favourite, day 1 had designers Michael Kale, Sid Neigum as well as the brand Narces and more!

Photos courtesy of TFW instagram page

Although, I must admit my favourite from day 1 had to be Sid Neigum. I personally love; neutrals, layers, detailed structure and architectural inspired clothing designs and this entire collection was begging for me to fall in love with it from the moment it stepped out onto the runway!

Fashion week in Toronto is slowly but surely growing and i’m so glad to be apart of it as it happens! As the week progresses and comes to a close i’m sure everyone has found one collection or piece that really stood out to them! This was mine…


Sid Neigum

…What was yours?!

Heres a peak and my street style outfit as well as some of my friends!

Photography. Chris Smart (TheKit)
Photography. Nadia Ebrahim
Photography. Kayla Rocca (TorontoLife)



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– lahlah xx

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