RU: Style

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Ryerson University (RU) is in the heart of Toronto and with its growing credibility in the fashion industry you don’t have to look far for inspiration.

There is of course no need to dress a certain way, but going to Ryerson influences me to be creative and innovative with how I dress, as I am constantly seeing new ways of wearing things and finding new stores to shop at! RU itself is filled with a wide range of students who express themselves through their clothing. The business students; in their suits, fashion and arts students of course dress to impress and the many other students, throughout other programs, who turn heads in the halls and down the city streets.

The city is a great place to grow in this respect and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

DSC_0641 2


DSC_0624 2



The outfit:

  • Aldo accessories sunglasses & jewellery
  • Zara black tote bag
  • Zara black trench coat
  • Black sleeveless turtleneck (worn under)
  • Grey tshirt dress
  • Black zip-up ankle boots


DSC_0481 2
Co-styled by: Myself and Nadia Ebrahim / Photography: Nadia Ebrahim


Find me on instagram @_ksyd

Find Nadia on instagram @maridadi_  and her website

– lahlah xx


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