Ableism: Kylie Jenner Magazine Cover

Okay guys I’m kind of late, but it’s time to talk about Kylie Jenner.

Most recently Jenner had a photoshoot for the cover of Interview Magazine where she posed in a wheelchair to convey the “limitations” she has faced from being in the media spotlight.

In my opinion, this is a disgusting portrayal of disability and what it means to be disabled. By using a wheelchair as an image of limitation she is insulting those who are actually living with disabilities. As an able bodied women, she could have conveyed her struggles or limitations of being famous in a completely different method, and in no way should this photo be acceptable in todays society.

Ableism is the discrimination of those with disabilities, and as Jenner poses in a wheelchair to create a shocking and edgy look, it creates a double standard for how wheelchairs are perceived in society. Jenner, is allowed to be viewed as a completely capable, edgy, fashionable starlet as she poses in this wheelchair. While on a regular basis people with disabilities are categorized and labeled without hesitation, simply because they are disabled. The same standard is not being held across the demographic of individuals who actually are living with disability,  and this is just so sad and unfortunate.

Jenner has recently been bringing up a lot of controversy in the media from her accusations of blackface and glorified photo of her with dreadlocks (which brought up a lot of conversation about cultural appropriation), and at some point she has got to learn what she should and should not be doing for publicity.kylie-jenner

Unfortunately, with the obvious reoccurrence of these issues it seems that she has not yet learned those things, and we could be seeing more from Kylie Jenner in the future.

But for this instance, as a result of Jenner being an able bodied women and using a wheelchair as a means of representing ‘limitations’ it is indeed something I would pit as wrong, insulting and unacceptable.

Kylie Jenner this is a 100% DON’T on my socially ethical fashion and media scale!

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-lahlah xx


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