Business Casual and Fashionable?

It happens to us all at least once in our lives,

you are going to an event and it says, “Please dress business casual“… for all the business students or entrepreneurs it is simple, for women you wear a dress or pencil skirt with a blouse and blazer or for men a full suit or a jacket paired with your best pair of jeans.

Although, the dress code bugs the questions for those with an interest in fashion, of what to wear that will meet the criteria but will also showcase their own personality and style? But do not dismay, it is not an impossible feat to accomplish.

Women in fashion have been breaking gender stereotypes with the famous pant suit, worn in all different styles, colours and fits. From a more male structured type suit to bright and bold colours and even low cut sexy suits all dependant on your own personal style.

These spectacular women dress to impress and throw in a little spunk to make the look their own.

As a young business and fashion student, I want to bring my creative and fashionable style to the business events I attend. I often do this by opting for an ankle cut high-waisted dress pant and a cropped shirt to match the height of the pant. Paired with subtle accessories like a watch, small stud earrings and a simple necklace. This can present as a mature but stylish look for any age, I’d choose to pair this with laced up solid black 50’s style high heels and white socks…

then TA-DA! I’m ready for the event!

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-lahlah xx



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