Just because its winter doesn’t mean the 90’s inspired looks go away!

Im sure many of you are familiar with 90’s tv show Fresh Prince of BelAir and socialite character Hillary Banks and younger sister Ashley Banks, who both had a passion for fashion and a knack for spending their fathers money.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Along with the amazing stylistic choices, in regards to wardrobe, the show also addressed social issues like racism, class and discrimination in general! That is definitely why this show would be ranked as one of my top 5 favourites!!

I would be lying if I said that I don’t get some of my fashion inspiration from this 90’s classic! The high waisted jeans, crop tops, knee high socks and platform shoes, (all of which are a part of my forever growing wardrobe) come from the fashion inspiring time period of the 90’s.

Bracing the cold in the city streets of Toronto can be brutal but it’s not gonna stop me from wearing my knee highs, paired with a structured a-line button down skirt and a black long sleeve crop top and infinity scarf to match.

Throw on a jacket, some accessories and I’m 90’s inspired winter ready!


Long-sleeve Crop Top: H&M // A-line Button Down Skirt: Hollister // Knee highs & Infinity Scarf: H&M // Hoop Earrings & Horn-Rimmed Glasses: Aldo Accessories // Jacket & Ankle Boots: Thrifting



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-lahlah xx

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